Keeping competitive sport at the heart of schools and provide more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best.


By 2020 the School Games will be continuing to make a clear and meaningful difference to the lives of even more children and young people.

Principles of Competition

1.The young person’s motivation, competence and confidence are at the centre of the competition.

2.The focus is on the process rather than the outcome (on the learning and values development of the young person rather than the result).

3.Volunteers, leaders and officials are appropriately trained and display behaviours reflective of the nature of the competition.

4.The environment is safe and creates opportunities to learn and maximise social development.

5.The facility and the environment that is created for the competition reflects the motivations, competence and confidence of the young people and format of the competition.

SMILES If all the competition principles are followed, that should result in SMILES.

Use the below as a check list:

SAFE participants feel physically and emotionally safe.

MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION participants are fully involved all of the time, i.e. not hanging around.

INCLUSIVE all participants can take part; activities are designed to suit and develop their abilities.

LEARNING participants develop personal, social, creative, thinking and/or physical skills.

ENJOYMENT activities recognise individuals’ personal needs and interests.

SUCCESS participants feel they are making progress and getting satisfaction.

NB. While there isn’t a specific letter for fair play, SMILES only happen for all participants if they feel a sense of fairness. Fairness underpins inclusion, enjoyment and success; it isn’t just about ‘rules’.

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